Nabs Hadi is a British - Kurdish and travels globally

to teach the art of Yoga and offering Spiritual Healing. 


Nabs is a traditionally trained Yoga, pranayama and meditation teacher. He is also a spiritual healer and a medium for the spiritual realm.

He is part of a rich Yoga tradition from the Ashtanga Yoga lineage, Pranayama tradition from the Kaivalyananda lineage and Sufi tradition from the Naqishbandi lineage. He has over 15 years of experience behind him and conducted many workshops, retreats and courses both in the UK and globally aiming at bringing you the complete Yogic experience including the physical, mental and spiritual awareness using the tools within

The Eight Limbs of Yoga and the energy and guidance from the spirit world.

Nabs is also trained in the classical Pranayama practice (regulation of the breath) with The Kuvaliyananda lineage by his teachers Sri O.P. Tiwariji and Paul Dallaghan. 


Nabs was born into a Sufi family  in Kurdistan from the Naqishbandi lineage, therefore spirituality has been in his blood. The mystic Sufi tradition from the Naqishabndi lineage originates from India and the purity of this practice has been kept by the Kurdish Sufis in the mountainous region of Kurdistan which is still been practiced and as alive as it was thousands of years ago. 


Nabs also possesses a natural tendency for subtle energy work from an innate ability in mediumship. He was born with this mediumistic ability. He runs a traditional “home circle” for mediumistic development. During these sittings the ongoing development of regular, clear and concise communication with the spirit world has continued to progress.


He is a dedicated practitioner of Vipassana meditation and daily meditation is part of his spiritual development. Over the past years Nabs have completed many meditation courses including 20 and 30 days courses. Therefore he has a wealth of knowledge about meditation practice and techniques. 


 Nabs was one of the main teacher at Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand sharing his Yogic Knowledge and offering the spiritual healing to many from all four corners of the earth. He is now based in Europe after leaving Thailand. 

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