Spiritual Healing & Guidance


Nabs was born with the mediumistic abilities and in the past a few year he has been siting in a traditionally run “home mediumship circle” in the United Kingdom and continues to sit and develop in his home circle now.  During these sittings the ongoing development of regular communication with the spirit world is continued to progress.

As a medium and spiritual healer Nabs been utilised as a channel by his spirit guides and a dedicated spirit team from the spirit world to pass on their healing energies and spiritual truth and guidance from their reality to our reality in a hope to bring help and healings to individuals in need within our world.

The session will usually take one hour or more depending on the individuals needs and for some people one session is enough but for some other people may need more than one session. Also there will be ongoing support after your session should you need more help and guidance.


 Spiritual healing and guidance works on bringing about spiritual awareness and powerful healings on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  It cleanses the pollutions in the energetic field and clears the meridian pathways which results in a more harmonious flow of Life Force that will lead to a deep and profound healing.

This service is for everyone as long as you have an open and a receptive mind and feel that there is a true calling for such service.